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RSA Priorities

Road Safe America has identified numerous changes that will make our highways much safer. Our top priorities are as follows:

  1. Require all heavy commercial trucks made since 1992, when speed limiters became standard on all of them, to limit their top speed to 65 mph or lower.
  2. Require all heavy commercial trucks to use GPS-equipped electronic-on-board-recorders in order to accurately track their driving time, hours of service, location, etc.
  3. Change compensation for all truckers to allow them to earn a professional wage, commensurate with the responsibilities they shoulder, for all hours worked including overtime.
  4. Improve and standardize training requirements so that all drivers are considered "professional" in their skills as well as their job description.
  5. Require the use of available safety technologies such as forward collision warning systems with stability control and active braking.
  6. Only allow cruise control if it is the adaptable kind with active braking.
  7. Intrastate drivers should have the same requirements as interstate.
  8. Increase insurance requirements which have not been changed since 1980.
  9. Screen all commercial truck drivers for sleep apnea as part of their medical exams.
  10. Stop allowing truck drivers to drive while taking prescription drugs (that clearly say not to operate heavy machinery while taking medication) if they get a note from their doctor.

RSA = Pro-Safety, NOT Anti-Trucking

Steve and Susan Owings' son, Cullum, was killed in 2002 while returning to college following a visit home for Thanksgiving. Cullum was stopped in an interstate traffic jam, and his car was crushed from behind by a speeding heavy commercial truck going 7 miles per hour over the posted speed limit using cruise control. As an outgrowth of their grief and in an attempt to realize something positive from this horrible tragedy, Susan and Steve founded Road Safe America. Read more...

The drivers of large commercial vehicles, we believe, have at least as much responsibility for the safety of the public as do airline pilots. After all, we buy tickets to voluntarily get on commercial aircraft. However, all of us share the public roadways on a daily basis.
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