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Our Mission

Our Mission is to reduce the injuries and deaths resulting from collisions between tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles by effecting change to improve safety on America’s roadways.

RSA's Priorities for Next Transportation Re-authorization Bill

  • Eliminate the exception to schedule II opioid use while driving commercial vehicles.
  • Require the use of comprehensive collision avoidance systems and prohibit cruise control usage on heavy commercial vehicles unless it is adaptive cruise control.
  • Expedite the use of electronic logging.
  • Establish a deadline of one year from the NPRM for a FINAL rule on speed governor settings.
  • Establish a deadline for FMCSA to raise the minimum liability insurance requirement for interstate trucking companies.
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In Loving Memory of Cullum Owings, 08/29/80 - 12/01/02

My Rear-View Mirror

My rear-view mirror has turned into a time machine. Every now and then, when I glance into it, I see my son Cullum backing out of our driveway, waving one last time as he pulls away.

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Consider The Numbers

Only 1% Of Vehicles On
The Road Are
Tractor Trailers*
Car and Heavy Truck Illustration Yet 18% Of Fatal Multi-
Vehicle Crashes
Involve Tractor Trailers

Equivalent Forces

80,000 LB Truck Going 70 MPH
Average Car Going 361 MPH
Heavy Truck Illustration

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*The term “tractor-trailer” used on this website refers to all Class 8 trucks (the heaviest class).

Vision For Professional Drivers

The drivers of large commercial vehicles, have at least as much responsibility for the safety of the public as do airline pilots. All of us share the public roadways on a daily basis with professional truck drivers, operating 80,000 pound vehicles, all around us. Our belief is that professional truck drivers, who provide vital services to our overall economy, should be trained more like airline pilots, more healthy like airline pilots, more rested like airline pilots and paid more like airline pilots. We will work toward that vision tirelessly.


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